Fun fiction mailed to you as a series of weekly personalized letters!

Fiction Mail - fun fiction mailed as personalized letters

We're all about personalized story letters sent by snail mail!

βœ… Get ready for a new way to experience fiction - as a series of personalized fictional letters sent by snail mail to your mailbox!

βœ… As a new letter arrives each week, your friend brings you along on an incredible adventure.

βœ… Each letter is personalized with your name throughout, the current date, and uses our realistic custom handwriting font.

βœ… Choose from 8-letter series sent weekly over 2 months or 4-letter series sent weekly over 1 month. We also have 1-letter singles, perfect for a quick shot of personalized fiction!

🎁 A Fiction Mail series is a unique gift idea!

Fiction Mail - fun fiction mailed as personalized letters

Fiction Mail is a Really Unique Gift Idea!

Our Fiction Mail stories through letters makes a unique gift for:

✨ The bookworm in your life: Don’t give just another book, give a fictional letter experience!

✨ The older generations: Many Boomers and older GenX folks will love the nostalgia of getting physical letters in the mail!

✨ The younger generations: GenZ and Millennials are all about retro experiences, and there’s nothing more retro than getting letters in the mail!

To give a Fiction Mail series as a gift, just browse the series, then in your shopping cart add your gift note which we’ll include with the first letter of the series.

Or, send an eGift Card and let them choose the series that’s perfect for them!

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