Amazing fiction stories mailed to you as personalized letters!

Rediscover the thrill of getting letters in the mail with our fun retro spin on fiction stories.

✨ A unique gift idea ✨

Fiction Mail is amazing fiction sent to you as personalized letters from an old friend!

What Makes Fiction Mail So Unique?

✅ Experience great fiction as weekly personalized letters from an old friend who has an amazing story to tell you.

✅ Choose from 8-letter series sent weekly over 2 months, 4-letter series sent weekly over 1 month, or 1-letter singles!

✅ Relive the nostalgia of finding letters waiting for you in your mailbox.

✅ The letters are personalized with your name throughout and dated with the current date.

✅ Our custom handwriting font adds realism to the letters and envelopes.

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Fiction Mail is a unique gift idea for the reader in your life or for someone who misses the nostalgia of getting letters in the mail.

Give a Fiction Experience!

A Fiction Mail series makes a unique gift for:

✨ The bookworm in your life: Don’t give just another book, give a fiction experience!

✨ The older generations: Many Boomers and older GenX folks will love the nostalgia of getting physical letters in the mail!

✨ The younger generations: GenZ and Millennials are all about retro experiences, and there’s nothing more retro than getting letters in the mail!

To give a Fiction Mail series as a gift, just browse the series, then at checkout add your gift note which we’ll include with the first letter of the series.

Or, send an eGift Card and let them choose the series that’s perfect for them!

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