Fiction Mail: A Fun Retro Twist on Storytelling

When was the last time you got a letter in the mail from a friend? It’s probably been a while!

While many people are happy with modern communication technology, a lot of people miss the thrill of opening their mailboxes to find letters waiting for them.

And that’s why we created Fiction Mail!

Fiction Mail is great fiction written as letters from a fictional friend who has an amazing story to tell you.

Great fiction sent as a series of letters

Each Fiction Mail series is made up of multiple letters from an old friend. As the weeks unfold, your friend continues an incredible story filled with action, adventure, twists and turns, and a unique cast of characters!

We have 8-letter series with one letter per week sent to your mailbox for two months, as well as 4-letter series, which are sent one letter per week for a month.

Seeking Justice Series of Fiction Mail - great fiction sent as personalized letters through the mail.As an example, our best-selling Seeking Justice Series contains eight letters.

Over the course of two months, your old friend Jen sends you a weekly letter telling you about her quest to investigate her neighbor’s very suspicious death. As she tracks down clues, Jen’s letters keep you in the loop in this suspenseful and action-packed whodunit.

It’s like riding shotgun with Jen as she tracks down a killer!

If you just want a quick shot of fictional correspondence, we also offer 1-letter singles!

What makes Fiction Mail so unique?

One of the most unique features of Fiction Mail is the personalization of the letters.

Each letter contains the recipient’s name throughout, making it feel like you are really getting a letter from an old friend.

Also, each letter is dated with the current date, adding to the realism of the experience.

Fiction Mail's custom handwriting font.

While we would love to hand write each letter we send out, this is not physically possible. To make the letters and envelopes look as authentic as possible, we created our own amazingly realistic handwriting font,

This is not a generic “handwriting” font you can find in a word processor. Instead, the font was created using the handwriting of an actual person. There are even several variations of each letter and number, which makes the font extremely visually realistic.

Fiction Mail is a unique gift idea

Are you looking for a gift for an avid reader in your life, but you don’t want to give yet another book? Fiction Mail may fit the bill since it’s great fiction in a very unconventional form. It’s a unique gift that will definitely be remembered!

A Fiction Mail series is a unique gift for book lovers or those who miss the nostalgia of getting letters in the mail.

Or you may be looking for a gift for someone in an older generation who grew up when letter writing was the norm. They may miss the nostalgia of opening their mailbox to find a letter waiting for them. Fiction Mail will let them relive that joy.

Younger people also love Fiction Mail. They see it as a retro experience and new old way to read fiction.

If you decide to gift a Fiction Mail series, we can include a gift not with the first letter of the series. Just enter your message in the gift note section when checking out!

We also offer eGift Cards sent via email so they can pick out their own series!

Relive the nostalgia of getting letters in the mail and discover an exciting way to experience ficiton!

Whether you miss getting letters in the mail from friends, or you're intrigued by the exciting and unusual way you can experience fiction with Fiction Mail, we think you'll become a huge fan once you try it out. So, browse all the Fiction Mail series and get excited to check your mailbox again!

If you have any questions about Fiction Mail that were not covered here, check out the FAQ, or feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks for stopping by!