Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions about Fiction Mail. If your question isn't answered here, feel free to reach out to us!

What's the idea behind Fiction Mail?

Years ago, communicating through letters was the norm. Today, with texts, emails, and social media, the art of letter writing is basically dead. While many people miss it, it's not going to come back. We came up with the idea of Fiction Mail to help revive the joy of opening your mailbox to find a letter from a friend waiting for you, even if it is a fictional friend!

Can I give Fiction Mail as a gift?

Definitely! A Fiction Mail series is the perfect gift that keeps giving for weeks There are two convenient ways to gift Fiction Mail:

1) Add a Fiction Mail series to your cart. At checkout, enter the recipients name and address in the "Shipping Address" and then fill in the "Gift Note" box. We'll mail the letters for the series you choose, and include a gift note with the first letter!

~ OR ~

2) Purchase an eGift Card. The recipient will receive an email with a gift card number they can apply towards the purchase of any series they want, along with your gift message. Choose to have the gift card emailed immediately, or schedule it for a future date!

Are the letters handwritten?

While we would love to be able to hand write each letter, it's not possible due to the length of the series and the number of customers. But, we've come up with the second best alternative. The custom handwriting font we created is based on a real person's handwriting, not a simple font you find in a word processor. Each letter has several different versions, making the font seem amazingly realistic.

The custom font we created for Fiction Mail

Are the letters personalized?

They are! Each letter uses the recipient's name several times, so it's really like an old friend wrote you the letter. Plus, each letter is dated with the current date.

What ages are Fiction Mail letters appropriate for?

While there's no graphic content in the letter, they do sometime take on topics that may not be appropriate for children. Consider the letters to be rated PG-13.

How are the letters shipped, and where do you ship to?

All letters use USPS First Class stamped mail. The first letter in a series will ship within 3 business days (usually sooner!) and, depending on where in the country the letter is going, should arrive in 3-5 days. Additional letters in a series will be mailed weekly. We currently ship within the United States and Canada.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We do! If you think your followers or community would be interested in Fiction Mail, we'd love for you to apply to our affiliate program.

Can I write for Fiction Mail?

After several years of offering just a handful of series, we're opening up Fiction Mail to additional writers through a revenue share program. If you're interested in writing for us, you can learn more here.