A Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea for Dads Who Love to Read

Struggling to find a unique Father's Day gift for your bookworm dad?

Fiction Mail makes a unique Father's Day gift for dads who love to read

This year, ditch the predictable and give him the gift of an unforgettable adventure delivered straight to his mailbox! Fiction Mail lets Dad create a unique bond with a captivating fictional friend through a series of personalized letters filled with mystery, suspense, and exciting twists.

Imagine the thrill of anticipation as he waits for the next letter, becoming fully immersed in a world unlike any other!

With a Fiction Mail series, your father will get one letter per week from his new fictional friend. This friend has an amazing story to tell your dad, filled with mystery, suspense, and tons of twists and turns.

Best of all, each letter is personalized with your dad’s name used throughout, so it’s really like he’s getting letters from an old friend. Plus, each letter is dated with the current date and uses our ultra-realistic handwriting font we created just for Fiction Mail!

As the weeks progress, his friend brings your dad along on their amazing adventure, with each weekly letter building on the previous letters. Your dad will actually get excited to check his mailbox every week!

Seeking Justice Series of Fiction Mail makes a great Father's Day gift for dads who love to read.

Take our best-selling Seeking Justice series as an example. Each week, Jen writes you father as she tries to crack a case after her neighbor was found dead. Jen’s letters bring you dad along as she investigates and tracks down clues to bring a killer to justice.

We have 8-letter series of Fiction Mail with letters delivered every week for two months, and 4-letter series with weekly letters sent for a month. Does your dad like mysteries and whodunits? Maybe action and adventure stories? Or SciFi and paranormal? We’ve got you covered, with series available in a wide range of genres.

You can even write a gift message that we'll include with the first letter of the series. Just add your gift note after you add a series to your shopping cart!

Not sure which Fiction Mail series you dad will love? No problem! Get him an eGift Card that will be sent to him by email (for you procrastinators, this is a perfect last minute gift hack!).

So, this Father’s Day, don’t buy your book loving dad another predictable book. Give him a fiction experience with a Fiction Mail series. It’s definitely a gift he’ll remember!

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