What are letters from fictional characters?

What are letters from fictional characters?

A popular genre of fiction nowadays is letters from fictional characters. If you’ve wondered exactly what this is, read on!

What are letters from fictional characters?

Letters from fictional characters are fiction stories written as letters from the main character to another person. The letters can be written to the reader or to another fictional person within the story. The story can contain just one letter, or a series of letters over time that build on each other to tell a complex story.

Why are letter from fictional characters so compelling?

Stories written as letters from fictional characters are compelling because the story is told from the viewpoint of the character to the recipient of the letter. Instead of just telling a story, the fictional character often writes the letters in a very personal, open, and honest way.

What are the typical formats of letters from fictional characters available in?

Letters from fictional characters can really be in any format. These stories can be in a book format (either physical or ebook), on a blog, or delivered as emails.

Here at Fiction Mail, we’ve upped the game and we deliver our letters from fictional characters as physical letters sent through the mail, old-school style!

Fiction Mail’s letters from fictional characters

Several years ago, we began writing short fiction stories as letters from fictional characters and sending them as series of physical letters through the mail. Our readers loved them immediately!

Today, we have a bunch of different series of Fiction Mail letters. With each series, the recipient gets one letter per week for the duration of the series. We have both 8-letter series, sent once per week for two months, and 4-letter series, sent once per week for a month.

Fiction Mail’s personalization makes all the difference

All of our letters from fictional characters series are personalized for the recipient. Their name is used throughout the letters multiple times, just like a real letter from a friend! Also, each letter is dated with the current date.

The letters also use our ultra-realistic font, created by us just for Fiction Mail. This font is actually the writing of a real person. Plus, each letter of the alphabet has multiple variations, so the text looks amazingly like real handwriting.

There’s a Fiction Mail series for everyone

We invite you to check out all the Fiction Mail series available. The Seeking Justice series is our best-seller. In this series, Jen writes you every week for a month, bringing you along as she tries to solve a mystery and catch a killer.

Seeking Justice Series of Fiction Mail - get 8 weekly letters from your fictional friend Jen as she tries to catch a killer.


Our newest series is Buried Secrets. Katie writes you four letters over a month as she tries to unravel a decades-old crime in a tight-knit small town.

Buried Secrets Series of Fiction Mail - fun fiction sent as personalized letters as snail mail.

Looking for a unique gift idea for a fiction lover? Consider a Fiction Mail series!

If you have a bookworm on your gift list, you’ve probably given them a book as a gift for every occasion. Don’t get them just another book, give them a fiction experience!

A Fiction Mail series makes a really unique gift that readers will love. Week after week, a new letter will arrive in their mailbox, bringing them along on their new fictional friend’s adventure!

If you send a Fiction Mail series as a gift, we’ll include a gift note with the first letter of the series! Just fill out the gift note in your shopping cart!

Letters from fictional characters are a fun genre

There’s a reason why letters from fictional characters are so popular these days. This format of fiction lets the reader connect with the character on a personal level. We love writing in the format, and we invite you to check out our Fiction Mail series!

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