Introducing "The Beach House Murder" Series – Fiction Mail’s First 4-Letter Series!

I’m excited to introduce The Beach House Murder Series, the latest addition to Fiction Mail's series of great fiction sent as personalized letters through the mail, and our first 4-letter series! With this series, you’ll get one action-packed letter in the mail every week for a month.

The Beach House Murder Series

Fiction Mail's The Beach House Murder SeriesChris, seeking respite from his cramped city apartment, decides to rent a room in a serene beach house for a month. Initially wary of his unfamiliar roommates, Chris soon finds himself embracing the camaraderie that blossoms among them. However, the tranquility is shattered when one of his housemates is discovered brutally murdered.

As the police struggle to make progress, Chris takes matters into his own hands, embarking on a clandestine investigation. Through his letters, penned with a mixture of fear and determination, Chris shares his quest to unmask the killer lurking within their midst.

Chris brings you along on his adventures through his weekly letter over the course of a month. You won’t want to miss The Beach House Murder Series!

What exactly is Fiction Mail?

Fiction Mail is a unique storytelling platform that delivers gripping fiction in the form of personalized letters. Imagine receiving weekly letters from a fictional friend, each installment unraveling a thrilling story delivered right to your mailbox.

What sets Fiction Mail apart is its commitment to personalization and realism. Each letter is personalized with the recipient's name throughout. Also, our custom handwriting font lends an air of realism to every envelope and page, making it feel like a genuine letter from a cherished friend.

And here's the best part: Fiction Mail offers a range of series durations to suit every preference. Whether you opt for an 8-letter series with weekly letters delivered over 2 months, a 4-letter series with a month of fun letters, or a standalone single letter, there's something to satisfy everyone.

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