Give a Fiction Mail Gift

A Fiction Mail series makes a great gift!

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the reader in your life or someone who would appreciate the nostalgia of getting letters in the mail, a Fiction Mail series is a really unique idea.

Fiction Mail makes a unique gift for the reader in your life!

A Fiction Mail Series is a really unique gift idea!

For those who love to read, you probably often buy them books for their birthdays or the holidays. Books are great, but don't you want to give something different for a change?

A Fiction Mail series is the perfect idea! It honors their love of fiction, but it's not just another book... it's a fiction experience! And, it's a gift that keeps on giving as a new letter from their fictional friend arrives in their mailbox every week.

For those who miss the thrill of getting letters in the mail, a Fiction Mail series will bring back waves of nostalgia! It's probably been many decades since they opened their mailbox to find a personal letter waiting for them, and their new fictional friend has an amazing story to tell them!

For the younger generations, retro experiences are all the rage! From old-school digital cameras to reading physical books instead of e-books, all things old are new to them. And there's nothing more old-school than getting letters in the mail!

There are two easy ways to gift a Fiction Mail series!

1) Select a series, add it to your cart and then type your gift note. We'll include the gift note with the first letter of the series we mail out.

~~ OR ~~

Fiction Mail Gift Card

2) Send a gift card. Our gift cards are sent via email - either have it sent immediately or pick a future date to send it. With a gift card, they can pick the Fiction Mail series that is perfect for them!

We really think a Fiction Mail series is a unique gift that they'll remember for a long time. These letters from fictional characters are more than just a gift, it's a reading experience!

A Fiction Mail Series is a unique gift idea for the bookworm in your life.