Letters From Fictional Characters

Are you a voracious reader, always on the lookout for a unique literary adventure?

Dive into a novel experience with Fiction Mail, where you can receive personalized letters from fictional characters directly to your mailbox!

What Are Letters from Fictional Characters?

Experience storytelling like never before with letters from fictional characters. This innovative format transforms your reading experience into personal letters written by the story’s protagonist.

Each letter you receive is a chapter in an unfolding saga, mailed directly to you, turning ordinary trips to your mailbox into moments of thrilling anticipation.

Weekly Letters from Fictional Characters

Each week, Fiction Mail delivers a new piece of the story through beautifully crafted letters written by your fictional friend.

Choose from an 8-letter series for a two-month journey, a 4-letter series for a month-long exploration, or a single letter for a quick adventure.

Our letters from fictional characters span genres from edge-of-your-seat action adventures to mysteries and whodunits to enthralling paranormal and science fiction. Each letter is a gateway to a new realm, meticulously written to pull you into a world of wonder and excitement.

Letters from Fictional Characters Personalized Just for You!

At Fiction Mail, every letter is a personalized experience.

We use your name to make the correspondence as authentic as possible, enhancing the connection between you and your fictional friend. Letters are dated with the current date to maintain the illusion of real-time communication and written in unique, realistic handwriting fonts to add a personal touch, making each letter seem like a note from a friend.

Fiction Mail Seeking Justice Series - Letters From Fictional Characters


For instance, in our best-selling Seeking Justice Series, you will follow Jen, a determined protagonist, on her quest to solve a gripping mystery. Each letter she sends throughout the series contains updates on her progress, pulling you deeper into the suspense and drama of her story.

Letters from Fictional Characters is the Perfect Gift for Big Readers!

If you have a big reader in your life for whom you're searching for the perfect gift, a series of letters from a fictional character is a really unique choice!

Instead of buying them yet another book, a Fiction Mail series will bring the story to life in a tactile and personal way. As the letters arrive in their mailbox week after week, the recipient will be transported into the fictional character’s world for a few minutes!

Learn more about giving a Fiction Mail series as a gift!

Letters from Fictional Characters Bring Fiction Reading to a Whole New Level!

If you're eager to delve into immersive narratives and build a personal connection with unforgettable characters, Fiction Mail is your portal to the extraordinary worlds of our fictional characters.

With stories available for all tastes and delivered right to your mailbox week after week, Fiction Mail brings you an unparalleled adventure that starts with the simple act of opening an envelope.

Ready to transform your reading habit into an interactive journey with letters from fictional characters? Pick your story with Fiction Mail today!